How an Indigenous Remote Village in Guatemala Gained an Economy

Entering the remote, indigenous village of Chajmaic, Guatemala (May 2022)
Fern of Sowing Opportunities and Roberto T’iül at his greenhouse in Chajmaic (May 2022)
Chajmaic Health Center (December 2015)
Doctor visits inhabitants of a home, explaining why he’s in the village and the inhabitants smile because this is the first time a doctor has ever visited (March 2022)
Presentation and Needs Assessment in Chajmaic (August 2020)
Federico teaches the 30 participant families in Chajmaic how to construct greenhouses
A family builds its greenhouse, following the agricultural engineer’s instruction
The agricultural engineer teaches how to fertilize and sanitize the seedlings (April 2022)



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Fern Remedi-Brown

Fern Remedi-Brown

Fern Remedi-Brown lives in Malden, Massachusetts. She can be reached at @FernRemediBrown on Twitter or fremedib on Instagram.